Nicola MONTELLA, guitar


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“Nicola Montella has shown an astonishing technical mastery and a remarkable sensitiveness, held in a fully clear sound […], the rather large audience was in raptures” Critica Classica

“Nicola Montella’s interpretative approach is appreciated for its balance between the expressive pathos […] and vigorous traits of sound, almost sculptural, metaphorically. […] Gifted with an impressive and solid technique, aside from a determined delicacy […], the approbation has been unanimous”  Roma

“One of the first things which can be appreciated about the work of Montella, young stage lion, […] is his taste for symmetry: two sonatas […] which have to open and close the record, […], not free from the typical Paganinian virtuoso feats: […] masterfully faced up by the performer… ”  Il Corriere musicale, 5th November 2016

“Montella plays his instrument with passion and mastery; he leads us upon rather unexplored paths with vibrating acoustics” Musica, 282, December 2016-January 2017

“Montella is able to carry out an operation which testifies not only his technical qualities but also his outstanding artistic maturity: he interprets every piece with a different sound, always full of beauty, always rich, but different because he adapts himself to the distinct styles that are present in the CD and conveys them a very interesting inner sonorous movement; excellent work!” Neuguitars, January 2017