Giorgio Tortora: 
“Sonatina Lauriana”
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Giorgio Tortora, musician and orchestra conductor, was very young when he started learning classical guitar with his teacher, Mr. Bruno Tonazzi. He earned his classical guitar diploma with full marks at the music con- servatory in Trieste.

His intense concert activity made him perform at several national and international musical competitions, of which later he has been invited to as italian jury member (Mauro Guliani in Bari). Nowadays he performs a successful concertistic career both as soloist and as part of different chamber music groups, attending important festivals and musical reviews as Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, Settembre Musica in Torino, Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti in Rome, Musica in Museo in Reggio Calabria, Teatro Massimo in Palermo, Teatro Rosetum in Milano. Furthermore he performed in several European Countries as Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland.

In 1992 he established the Concordia Guitar Orchestra as per Mr. Leo Brower's suggestion. The Concordia Gui- tar Orchestra is a particular group made of sixteen professional guitar players. Giorgio Tortora has performed with this ensemble in Italy and abroad, as orchestra conductor.

In 1995 he estabished the Jazzy & Classic Chamber Orchestra, a musical quintet which he takes part to as musician.

He recorded for different television broadcasting stations (Rai, Ortf, Bayerische Television, Radio France) and he also was part of discographic productions. One of them being the soundtrack of In the Mood for Love (music by Michel Galasso), a film that ran for Oscar Awards and was the winner of Cannes 2000.

He has also been devoting himself to musicological research for several years and he has been taking care of different publications for classical guitar: La Battaglia di Marengo for flute and guitar, the Variazioni op. 38 of Mauro Giuliani for guitar and orchestra, the Sonata 1984 of Guido Viozzi, published by Chanterelle Verlag, and various teaching works.

Furthermore, as a guitar player, he is often performing with different orchestras as Mitteleuropa Salon Or- chester, Orchestra del Teatro Verdi of Trieste, Orchestra Filarmonica of Udine. In 2002 he was asked to direct Maria di Buenos Aires of Hoarcio Ferrer, with music by Astor Piazzolla, during an italian tour that started in the Verdi Theatre in Terni.
Giorgio Tortora was the founder and artistic director of the Stagione Sinfonica di Gorizia for three consecutive years, of the Masterclasses Gorizia Armonica, of the Musica a 4 Stelle concert season performed in Grado for twelve editions. He was also consultant for the musical review Note in Rifugio.

Today he is the holder of the chair of Classic Guitar at Istituto di Musica in Gorizia.